Houston Food Bank - Mission Day 2019

Mission Day 2019 - A special time of making a difference in the lives of people in need collectively as the body of Christ here in the city of Houston, Texas; by coming together as one body in Christ and volunteering at the Houston Food Bank. A great time of fellowshipping with one another across the city, a time of evangelism by inviting non-members to serve with you and a time of letting our lights shine to glorify God.

Everyone MUST Complete A Food Bank Waiver Form

Waiver Forms will be available @ the Rally - June 30th

Waiver Forms will be available @ the Food Bank

Volunteer Day • Saturday, August 10th • 7:45am


Children as young as age six are welcome for our kid-friendly projects. Volunteers 16 years and younger MUST be accompanied by an adult parent/guardian while performing community service hours here at The Houston Food Bank.

Closed toe shoes and sleeved shirts are required.


•  No Back Packs

•  No Purses

•  No Fanny Packs

•  Snacks will be served

Frequently Asked Questions


               Where do I park?

                   – If space permits, you may park in the front.
                   – You may be directed to our overflow lot located behind the building.

                       ***More information will be forth coming on parking***


              How do I sign in?

                   – BEFORE you arrive, locate your QR code (square barcode) in your confirmation email.
                   – No QR code? You can sign the waiver sheet upon arrival at our Welcome Desk.
                   – You DO NOT need to scan your QR code AND sign the waiver sheet.
                   – There is NO need to SIGN OUT.


              Where do I go after I sign in?

                   – Please obtain a volunteer sticker and sit in the Houston Texans Cafe.

              Where can I put my personal belongings?

                  – The Houston Food Bank has lockers along our orange wall.
                  – Instructions for locking and unlocking are located above the lockers.
                  – If you forget your locker/code number, please visit our Welcome Desk.

             Where can I eat?


                  – You may eat any snacks or lunches in the Houston Texans Cafe area.
                  – Healthy snacks and meals can be purchased at the Houston Texans Cafe.

             Can I take pictures?


                   – We recommend taking your large group photos either right before or at the conclusion of your visit.

Serving in the name of the Lord to help others!
"Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto
one of the least of these my brethren,
ye have done it unto me..."
Matthew 25:40
Benton Baugh
Memorial Church of Christ
(713) 464-0271
Gary Smith
Fifth Ward Church of Christ
(713) 672-2654
David Duncan
Memorial Church of Christ
(713) 464-0271
Cruz Hernandez
Hidden Valley Church of Christ
(713) 560-9080